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Continuing this tutorial on how to create an Instagram bot who tells you who are your unfollowers via email with the second part. If you missed the first part you can read it here.

After we saw how can we use selenium and python to scrap our Instagram data and save it somewhere locally, now it’s time to turn that data into useful information.

Manipulating data is something that python is great at. It’s simple syntax and built-in functions around the data types makes it a programming language extremely friendly for working with data.

If you followed the first part…

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Instagram is one of the most used platforms for socializing and photo sharing these days. But as everything is revolving around the people who are following you, or simply followers, Instagram is still missing some useful features or, most likely, hides them for the usual consumer.

However, with some basic programming skills we can create a simple bot who can check the difference of followers at two different timestamps and notify you about what is changing.

In this first part we’ll see how we can use Python to check on an Instagram profile number of followers and notify the user…


One of the most annoying things happening in our era is looking for a parking spot and not being able to find one, especially when you had to be somewhere five minutes ago and you are currently looking for a parking spot for 20 minutes now.

However, any problem must have a solution, or more solutions, based on complexity and efficiency. There are many solutions for smart parking systems out there, including deep learning implementations, weight sensors, light sensors and all of that science fiction stuff that surrounds the world these days.

This article is focusing on guiding you trough…

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Lazy programmer based in Timisoara, Romania. I like to play with data and images.

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